Monday, July 20, 2009

green goes with pink!!!!!

The most anticipated day of the summer came with Jen's arrival on Saturday morning. I picked her up in Chinatown at 7 A.M. I repeat 7 A.M. We pretty much had the best day EVER and it all started when we discovered Godiva's Chocolate Rewards - basically you give them your e-mail address to sign-up & you get a free truffle in the store! There are 3 Godiva stores in and around Rockefeller...just sayin. After we got our chocolate fix we went down to the Gershwin to try and win tickets to Wicked and I am so thrilled to say that we WON!!!!! My name was the very last name called! So we got to see the show in the front and it was AWESOME (checkin' that off my NYC to-do list) Alli Mauzey is an excellent Glinda by the way! After the show we went shopping downtown and ate dinner over in Chelsea. The next morning we got up early again to meet my parents! They flew in for the day and I cannot even explain how good it was to see them. They are hilarious. We went to the street fairs in SoHo and then shopping in Chinatown, which is always an adventure. We ate dinner at Bleecker St. Pizza and then went to the new Billy's Bakery in Tribeca where I had the best banana cupcake! Thanks Mom & Dad :) We took the train up to Rockefeller and sat at the Rink Bar and had drinks (and by drinks I mean diet coke) until my rents had to catch their flight home.

This morning was, again, another early morning - though well worth it. I got up early to meet Natalie for coffee (her flight back to OK left today) and she caught me up on all of her Kamp adventures. Being up that early reminded me of our last two weeks at Kamp last year when we would have to get up wicked early to catch up with each other. We only had about an hour before I had to rush off to a TV segment for the Today Show where I was volunteered to dance on national television. Don't worry if you missed my 30 seconds of fame because it is available to all via the Internet - Calorie Counting Quiz. You might want to go ahead and get my autograph now before I head off on tour next week...kidding. The rest of the day was spent roaming around the city with Jen. We even went up to Central Park and rode the Carousel! Tomorrow I am so glad that I finally get to SLEEP IN!

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