Monday, June 8, 2009

tastes of times square

Oh what is this badge you might be asking? Just a pass to 30 Rock!! (more to come later)

Last night I made my first attempt at attending church in the big city. I did my homework and stumbled upon Journey Church and chose the location nearest to my apartment - the Village. Well, lets just say the name alone should have tipped me off to the shadiness I encountered when I got off the train. I literally got off on 14th Street, called my dad, and turned around and headed home. Not even my mace helped ease the bad feeling I got from that place. Fail. Sorry God!

On the up side, work today was pretty fun. I got to go to 30 Rock for a meeting with Tammy Filler, an NBC producer for the Today Show. (Thus the special pass) I felt so VIP with my paper pass! I came back from the meeting and finished writing a press release for the revamped site. My favorite feature is called the "Frizz Report" - you type in your area code and it gives you the humidity percentage & how to best manage your hair that day. Today's forecast was 74% humidity, Partly Frizzy. The recommendation was to, "combat frizz by using a conditioning cream or leave-in spray conditioner to moisturize hair and weigh down curl." Cool, huh?

My favorite part of work today was FREE ICE CREAM! One of the many benefits of working at Shape...there are freezers full of light ice cream. I treated myself to a chocolate fudge brownie lil' drum! Yum! Speaking of ice cream, here is the link to Friday's TV Segment - ICE CREAM (aka all the ice cream stocked in our freezer)

After work I met up with Katie and her friend Melanie for "Tastes of Times Square." All of the restaurants around Times Square set up these vendors where you can try different samples of their menu items. We were in heaven! I tried a crab salad cone (it was jumbo lump crab meat, avacado, and mango puree) from The View, cheese pizza from John's Pizzeria (who could resist John's pizza?!), and watermelon soup from Bourbon Street Bar & Grille (good, but a little weird). Overall, everything was delish! Enjoy!

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