Sunday, June 14, 2009

life. or something like it.

Kerri & Emily came to visit me this weekend and I had SO much fun! They arrived just after lunchtime on Thursday with bags full of my favorite foods (they are so thoughtful) We went straight to Dylan's Candy Bar and FAO Schwarz where Kerri & I took a stab at "Heart & Soul" on the Big Piano - she was more successful than me. After our adventures in Midtown we headed over to Grand Central for dinner and then spent the rest of the night out and about in Times Square. When we got back we went over to Tasti D Lite where we got the most delicious peanut butter ice cream. It literally tasted just like Reese's Pieces. AND I got mine for FREE! Yeah, I know!

Friday morning I volunteered in the editorial department of Shape. I shadowed the assistant managing editor, Kristen Maxwell, who is really nice. I feel like I learned so much in the few hours that I was there. I got to see the complete layout of the August issue and all of the elements that go into getting it printed. All of the people I met were very friendly and I really liked Kristen's position, she gets to do a big mix of different things. When I got off work I met Kerri & Emily for a trip down to the WTC. We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around the shops in SoHo. I finally got to treat myself to some mini cupcakes from Baked By Melissa (yum!) and we met Alexa for dinner at a little cafe. 

Saturday was the "Snapple Big Apple BBQ" in Madison Square Park so we walked down to the park and enjoyed free ice cream, snapple, & granola bars! We opted for the nearest Subway for lunch (what can I say, I'm not a fan of pork) but it was still fun to be in the midst of everyone! After lunch we met up with Emily's boyfriend, Jared, and went all the way up to Central Park where we watched, and I quote, "some black guys dance"...

We walked around the park for a long time and I found my new favorite spot in NYC - Tavern on the Green. It is beautiful there!! (picture on the left)
We ate dinner down in the Village at P.B. & Co - a flashback to Elementary School. I had the sandwich of the week, Rocky Road, which was dark chocolate peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and sliced almonds on wheat bread (no crusts) with carrot sticks and potato chips! Jared had ants on a log and grilled cheese hahaha. It was so classic. I will be back. We walked off our dinners down by NYU and treated ourselves to some overpriced froyo at Red Mango before heading back to my apartment.

This morning Kerri & Emily went back to Boston, but they left me with a gift card to Crumbs! I seriously have the best friends. It was such a nice day in NYC today, which made up for the crummy weather we had all weekend. Hopefully it stays that way!

In unrelated news, does anyone else find it disappointing when Bath & Body Works discontinues your favorite smell? My first disappointment came with the disappearance of "Pacific Paradise" (circa 6th grade), followed by last summer's "Hello Sugar! A Whole Lotta Lemon Going On", and most recently "Rice Flower and Shea." Worst.

Also: I do not know how many of you know, but my Nana was sent to the hospital this week for a brain aneurysm (they caught it before it ruptured) and she had surgery this weekend. She is recovering well but I know she would really love and appreciate your prayers! Thank you!

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