Sunday, June 28, 2009

la vita e bella

It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in NYC! Caitlin & David came up for a visit on Saturday so we headed down to the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked across with the intention of eating at Grimaldi's as a reward but the line was long. Longer than long. Longer than usual long. So we opted for the Cream Factory instead and headed back to Midtown for lunch. We went to the 6th Avenue Summerfest with all of the street vendors and it was really fun. Afterwards we went off to Rockefeller to get some banana pudding from Magnolia's and to people watch :) Just as soon as we got settled, a huge rain cloud came and poured over the city. It was so neat to watch (probably wouldn't have been as enjoyable if we hadn't found shelter) When it finally cleared up we ventured over to Times Square until we got hungry again. You will never believe what I had for dinner!!! OSTRICH! (see picture below) And the best part of all? I loved it! It was so good! It tasted just like a normal hamburger would. That says a lot too b/c I am typically a pretty picky eater and definitely a creature of habit - I order the same sub at Subway EVERY time I go. We were stuffed after dinner so we headed over to the movie theater and convinced David it was a good idea to see My Sister's Keeper. We, of course, were right. It was a really good movie. Different from the book. Normally I am queen of "why read the book when you can watch the movie?" but this is one that I'd say def. read the book regardless.
Sunday I met up with Cait & David again and we headed over to the MET. All I can say is thank you Marc Jacobs for making The Model as Muse exhibit possible because it is hands down my favorite exhibit there. After David had seen the swords, Caitlin had seen the photography, and I had seen the dresses, we were spent. We went down to Chelsea Market for lunch - no signs of Rachel Ray though. I did however, have a wicked witch (chocolate mint) brownie from Fat Witch Bakery, the so-called best brownies ever. And I gotta say I disagree. I thought it was good. I mean how often do I turn down sweets? BUT it tasted more like fudge than a brownie. My favorite brownies are the double batch ones that Kayla makes. I have yet to taste a better brownie. When lunch was over we headed down to Chinatown to say our goodbyes. Cait & David headed off to VA on a bus and I made my way through foreign territory and back home to Midtown.

Also - I tried a new church tonight, Journey, and I really liked it. It reminded me of a smaller version of the Wave. On my way out I ran into another intern from Shape so hopefully I will have a future friend to go to church with! Until tomorrow...

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