Monday, February 16, 2009


1. an episode of grey's anatomy inspired me to go through a phase where i was seriously convinced i wanted to become a brain surgeon.
2. i once got stung by 12 jellyfish while snorkeling in the bahamas.
3. i used to feel sorry for my stuffed animals and i would take turns letting them sleep in my bed to be fair.
4. at both houses i've lived in i've had my own tree. at my old house i had a banana tree and when it wouldn't grow at the new house i adopted a magnolia tree that grew up to my window.
5. i get a barbie from santa every christmas and have therefore collected a slew of celebrity barbies as a result - drew barrymore, baby spice, hannah montana, and my personal favorite aaron carter (complete with tour bus)
6. i've seen britney spears in concert.
7. i want to eventually own my own magazine.
8. my favorite cat, buttons, was eaten by my next door neighbor's dog.
9. i was baptized in the jordan river in israel.
10. i met one of my best friends, jen, after getting in trouble in geography class. five of us attempted to shoot rubber bands at our teacher's head to see who could get closest.
11. i love italian food - pizza margherita, ravioli, spaghetti, gelato...yum!
12. my all-time favorite tv show is state of grace. my best friend, loisann, and i spent an entire summer watching all of the episodes. the show is a mirror of our friendship.
13. dancing is my all-time favorite thing to do.
14. i grew up by the beach.
15. ive had several failed entrepreneur businesses in the past couple years (miranda's milkshakes & tats by mir) but im confident my most recent venture (umm yum bakery) will be a success
16. 2 years ago i played broomball and bruised my knees so bad that the bruises went all the way down my legs
17. i like to use halloween as an outlet for my creativity. in the past 3 years i have been a jellyfish, a poptart, and a leg lamp.
18. my hair is always a mess.
19. i love marshmallows, esp. peeps. i even have my own peep maker!
20. my sister is the only person i can successfully shop with.
21. at a birthday party when i was a kid we played hide and seek outside and my allergies were so bad that my eyes swelled shut. i lost.
22. i'm addicted to diet coke.
23. i hate scary movies.
24. i got reps at school for "giggling after quiet hours"
25. i used to get really competitive on the treadmill & one time i was at the y and an old man was beside me running at a pace that i personally thought i could outdo - in my effort to "pass him" i sped up only to fall off the entire treadmill hitting my face on the bar on my way down. it was embarassing. i got my stuff & i left.

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  1. hahahahhahhahahah miranda i laughed so hard at the last one.